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Limeup is a social enterprise founded by european project managers and fundraisers in order to combine expertise in the european projects design with attention to the local identity, environmental protection and sustainable development.

Limeup recognizes social innovation as a beacon and it aims at promoting and supporting innovative and sustainable projects in the environmental, cultural and social fields, making European opportunities available to all.

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Desing together a sustainable future

In 2020,a year that will remain in history due to the challenges and radical changes it has brought, Limeup is founded by four experts to guide third sector, public and private organisations in the design and implementation of projects that aim at advancing society and achieving the greatest possible social impact.


Limeup was born from the principles of peace, friendship between peoples, free circulation of ideas and people, attention to the environment and sustainability.

We are a social enterprise that aims to bring locally these principles together with a culture of openness to diversity, seen only as unmissable opportunities for the development of an open and industrious society.

We believe in professionalism, enthusiasm, the power of curiosity, creativity and ideas.

The choice of being a third sector body is due to our primary purpose: to be a concrete help to ensure that european opportunities are truly within everyone’s reach.

“Nobody should be left behind”

We want to accompany our clients on a path of growth, transferring our know-how: the client will acquire those skills needed to manage projects with more self-confidence and understanding.

We like to stand out not only for our ethical approach to work, but also for our ability to operate in all areas of european project design.

Our mission is to create active communities where people sharing their ideas will work together building an European future within everyone’s reach. For this reason, we support initiatives in any relevant fields such as: the environment, the protection of cultural heritage, the creation of a social economy and gender equality, innovation and research, social policies sustainability, tourism industry competitiveness, digitalisation and medical research. 

Close to you in your path towards growth and innovation


We offer our skills as project managers, trainers, ICT professionals, to help you strengthen your strategies, raise the quality of your communication, develop new skills and achieve your goals.

My skills
Policy Strategy 90%
Partership Management 85%
Leadership 85%
Social 80%
Communication 90%

lia chiara micciche'

Fundraising & Networking

I’m a fundraiser and an international relations expert

I worked in the public and private sectors, both in Italy and abroad. 

Tenacious, determined and always with a smile, for 20 years I have been managing multi-sectorial projects (social, training, active citizenship and higher education). I studied and worked in Europe, Africa and Latin America, managing national and international projects, organizations and partnerships. 

I combined my passion for civil commitment to my work, specializing in the field of social economy. I firmly believe that diversity is an asset and that crisis are opportunities for social and companies renewal. My passion is traveling and discovering new cultures, always with the perfect soundtrack … who knows where the next flight could take me!

Organization 90%
Communication 95%
Leadership 85%
Negotiation 80%
Team Management 90%

Irene Borelli

European Project & Tenders

I’m a project manager and an expert in environmental sustainability

Graduated in Biology in Italy and Sustainable Resources Management in Germany, I’ve  managed European projects in high social impact sectors for over 10 years. 

My commitment is to make a concrete contribution to the causes that are close to my heart, from enviromental protection to sustainable development of the territories and the economy. I believe in the richness of diversity and pluralism. I love that my work gives me the opportunity to learn different things, constantly confront new challenges and collaborate with people in every corner of the planet.

In my spare time I love climbing, painting and woodworking, who says a milling machine is not the perfect gift for a woman?

Software Design 95%
Frontend 90%
Backend 100%
Team Management 85%
Project Planning 80%

alessio lunardelli

Digital Innovation

I’m a senior full stack developer and a technical team leader

Graduated in computer engineering, for the first 10 years of my career I worked as an IT researcher at the IIT department of the CNR in Pisa and then moved on to the business world.

Now I deal with software design and development as well as technical consultancy for various companies. I’m a knowledgeable, creative and motivated professional and I’ve turned my passion for programming into a successful career. I sees in my work the key to making companies more efficient and easier to manage as well as the tool to face the challenges of the future. 

Time is never enough to pursue my hobbies. 2019 was dedicated to diving, 2020 to being a radio amateur, 2021… bets are open! 😊

My Skills
Marketing 85%
Negotiation 90%
Communication 80%
Leadership 80%
Creative 85%

luca anzoli


Sales agent 

I’ve a natural inclination for teamworking and proactive collaboration. I’m a motivated and enthusiastic professional with strong negotiation and diplomacy skills. I can create connections where there weren’t. I have experience in social promotion activities, non-profit and charity events’ organization.
I’m a creative, open and curious mind. I’m passionate about: technological innovations, underground music and movements.

I love being surrounded by people, laughing and discussing… I’m the party planner. I believe in any circumstaces, you can always learn something new.