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LIMEUP AS YOUR partner in Eu projects

We are the right partner when is needed a third sector body with a strong ethical awareness, long-standing experience in managing funded projects, a wide network for international partnerships and a distinctive competence in communication and digital innovation solutions

European Technological Partner

Are you looking for a partner capable of developing innovative digital solutions and guaranteeing effective communication of your project?

Our team of European project designers makes us an ideal strategic partner in those European projects where advanced IT skills are required as well as an high competence in project communication and dissemination strategies.

Our distinctive feature lies in our project dissemination capability, with a talent in the development of innovative IT solutions together with a long-standing experience in European projects design and management.

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Young, Dynamic and Expert

We are a young nonprofit organization that actively contribute to the european project design, that can cover various roles within the partnership, such as: technical partner for digital innovation, design communication specialist, networking and stakeholder engagement expert.


A deep European projects design knowledge and digital innovation skills make us a reliable and efficient project partner, while our network of contacts and our close relationships with local and national public bodies allow us to build functional partnership within the project goals. We already have collaboration experience in large and important European networks such as garageErasmus and Enterprise Europe Network (EEN).

Limeup is a multifaceted partner: a start-up, an SME and a third sector entity


Thanks to our expertise in European Projects design field, we are an effective partner that doesn't require any support in the management of its tasks


We can actively contribute to the development of the project idea, to the creation of partnership, up to the drafting of the proposal, both in Italian and in English

Technological partner

We design innovative digital solutions in line with European priorities in the digital transition such as the development of IT solutions, IoT (Internet of Things), AI (Artificial Intelligence), big data and blockchain solutions


We work in all sectors with the highest social impact and we are able to cover different roles within the partnership: technical partner for digital innovation, project communication specialist, networking and stakeholder engagement expert


We make our European networks available to carry out large-scale dissemination of the project results, to contribute ensuring the sustainability and replicability of the outcome


We actively contribute making available our national and international network, our contacts with national public bodies and institutions, to help building functional partnership related to project goals