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European projects: handling the entire process of an EU funding programme

Do you have an innovative idea but don't have the time nor resources to make it happen?
While there are many funding opportunities provided by the European Commission, accessing these grants is no easy because of the difficulties to access information and due to the application process lenght and complexity. Thanks to our long-standing expertise, we support you throughout the entire procedure: from the project idea, to the search for the most suitable financing programme, the search for project partners, up to the technical and financial management of the European project.

From climate change, to economic crises, to social and gender disparities, to health emergencies ... How many ideas could help us face the challenges of the twenty-first century? With more than 10 years of experience and 100 funded projects behind us, our team of designers and planners believe in your ideas and can help you translate them into successful projects


We search and analyze funding opportunities suitable for your ideas and translate them into successful project proposals. We support you in the search for partners and we guide you in the technical and financial management of your projects. 

Programme Scouting

We search for you the most suitable funding prospect for your project idea and your company, organization or public body

Project Concept

We analyze and refine the project idea to achieve the objectives of the call proposed by the European Commission and/or by the National Bodies


We help you with writing the technical proposal, compiling the budget and submitting the proposal, in English and/or in Italian


We will let you enter in our European network of trusted and accomplished partners who will be useful for the project partnership


We guide you in coordinating your project and partnership, ensuring compliance with deadlines, product quality and expected outcome


We support you in financial management by ensuring it's compliant with the budget and the financial guidelines. We also guide you in the drafting of financial reports

Corporate presentation

We develop together with you the company presentation in order to improve brand awareness and introduce you into existing partnership (PIF)

EU Portal Registration

We also support you during the registration procedure and the set up of your company profile inside the European portal

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EU Funding Programme

We have worked and we still working on the main funding calls promoted by the European Commission: